As part of my Concepts and Collaboration module for Second Year, I am required to come up with a specific digital-humanities-related theme for my blog – something that would help orientate me towards a specific career and prepare me for work experience next year. Since I have a strong interest in languages and history (my minor subject is German), I have decided to go along this route and give my future blog posts a history/ language-related slant.

More specifically, I would be interested in embarking on a project that would help others understand some aspect of their heritage, be it national or international. Digitising a history project – for example, preparing a digital presentation for a local library, heritage centre or museum – would be an ideal task for me. I remember when my History teacher took my history class on a trip to London in my Leaving Cert year and we visited as many museums and historical places as we could schedule into two days. What I remember from that trip is how skilfully history was digitised and presented in places like the Winston Churchill museum and the British War Museum; the entire learning experience was much more vivid and didactic. Or take for instance Frederick Kaplan’s TED Talk, in which he explains his ideas for digitising Venice’s priceless archives dating back centuries, so that they can be viewed and explored by anyone. If I had the opportunity, I would like to work on this kind of digitisation of knowledge.

An equally ideal area of work for me would be something German-related. As I mentioned, this is is my minor subject and I have been learning the language for the past six years. A job in which I could combine my German with my IT skills is something that I would find very appealing.


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